Claymore Chapter 87: Return of the Exterminators

My dear readers, Claymore chapter 87 is out so get it here while it’s hot ^^. Aside from Yoma, Awakened Beings and Claymores, now, there is another type of creature called ‘Demons’. What abilities do they have ? only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Helen is fighting Isley one on one and Deneve is badly injured. Will they survive ?

  • gordon

    read it. couldn’t believe i finish the chapter within minutes. nothing interesting this chapter turns out to be other than introducing the new demons.

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  • Saku

    @gordon: same here and it’s not even introducing the demons since they barely did anything except walking around >.>

  • yumyu

    Hey, I emailed you regarding the gathering, don’t know if you received it, but yeah, I am available for it. Let me know if everythings fine.

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  • Saku

    @yumyu: yep,I got your email and I replied back. Give me a call if you are not sure how to get there.