Shigure Asa 1/8 by Alter


It was a long weekend in Toronto since we had a Good Friday so it’s a day off for majority of people. Not only that, it happened to be having nice and sunny weather in Toronto. It’s little bit windy though but there is no need for multi layers of clothing.

Asa-senpai and I decided to go for a date and we went to a well-known spot for tourism called Harbour Front. Asa-senpai was quite a klutz in the morning because she forgot that there is no school due to public holiday. Too lazy to change, she went on a date with a school uniform. Seeing Asa-senpai in a school uniform, I couldn’t complain, could I ? ^^.


Even when she is on a date, she will never forget to bring her little doll on her bag.


“Such a nice weather today, isn’ it?” She said.





“Lets go over there to the park” as she dragged me to go with her to the nearest park.








“Naughty wind…… you saw it, didn’t you ?” she asked. I was speechless and tried to find some excuses but no luck. At the same time, I thanked the wind for this rare chance ^^.




I was lost in my thought and said to myself how great it would be to see Asa-senpai in bikini.


“Look at the seagulls”



“I am so excited. This is my first time seeing a CN Tower. It’s so high” She said as she was admiring the CN Tower. Too bad I was not as excited as she was since I saw it too many times and I always thought, it’s just a tower ^^;;




I can never doubt alter’s quality. The frilly skirt looks amazing and not to mention the little doll on her school bag. As someone who loves the series, her uniform definitely looks like the one in the anime. A perfect match, I would say and her face is definitely pretty close to the real Asa so I think Alter has done a really good job on this figure (or any other figures).

For any shuffle fans or Asa-senpai fans, I highly recommend this figure. She is definitely worth buying ^^

Manufacturer : Alter

Scale : 1/8

Series : Shuffle! Memories

Character : Shigure Asa

Released Date : November 2008

Camera : Nikon D40 with stock 18-55mm lens

Price : 6,460 Yen at Hobby Search

Location : Harbour Front

  14 comments for “Shigure Asa 1/8 by Alter

  1. April 24, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    @Blowfish: It’s a double date and needed to keep the two separated ;D

    @balance: It’s a nice day but little bit windy. As you can see I had to wear gloves.

    @gordon: Thx :D.

    @Optic: hehe don’t you love outdoor photo shoot ? I am looking forward for more.

  2. March 19, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Nice Asa photos.
    shes my second fav from shuffle behind kaede.

    but ye im still planning on getting her. =)
    .-= Fabrice´s last blog ..Winter Anime OP Review =-.

    • March 19, 2010 at 5:40 pm

      Thanks :D. Since summer is almost here, looking forward for more outdoor photos. My second favourite is Primula :D

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